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    I had to replace many of my ice trays. They were getting old, and when twisting to break the ice free, they were cracking and breaking. I also have medical issues with my hands which didnt make the task any easier. First time I went to remove ice from these trays, the ice broke free easily. One or two cubes stayed stuck within. However, the silicone bottom had it really easy for me to just push the stubborn cube out.

  2. N

    You fold this pretty silicon cup and gently and slowly insert it. It takes a minute or two adjust to the product but it is pretty comfortable once its placed in, you just wait a few hours then you empty the cup.
    it is very easy to remove, give it a good wash and back it goes.

  3. S

    I’m not sure what to say about ice cube trays other than to tell you that they work. It’s easy to get the cubes out compared to other trays I’ve used. They are a low priced, well made, and make ice, so if that’s what you are looking for, you can’t go wrong here.

  4. L

    One of the happiest things in summer is taking a bath. This product can be pulled for a long time or rolled up and held in hand, which makes it easy to scrub the back.

  5. M

    Light weight medium size bowl that I will use while truck camping. It is large for a big bowl of stew. It fits under my truck rear seat for storage while traveling.